Meet our specialist, DarrellDarrell Weddell

Darrell went to Denver Auto and Diesel College and earned his Associates Degree in Auto and Diesel Technologies. He has been operating professionally in this field for 28 years. Darrell has nearly 16 years of dealership experience and for most of that time, his training was with GM. He is also factory trained in Hummer, Honda, and Isuzu. In the dealer, Darrell specialized in engine, drivetrain, drivability, suspension, alignments, differentials, electrical, heating and AC, brakes, and bumper to bumper repair. When he went into independent shops, that is where he was able to hone his skills to all makes and models and realized that it doesn’t matter who made the product, because they are all are relatively the same when it comes to diagnosing and repairing. For the past 8 years Darrell has been managing and taking care of fleets accounts for various independent shops, helping them keep there cost of repairs down, reliability up, and determining the best direction for repairs.

Darrell’s motto has always been simple: Take care of the customer’s problem, educate them on their car so they can make an informed decision on the repairs, and to advise them on future repairs and maintenance that are up coming.

“I have never been one for pushy sales and won’t allow anyone at DC Auto Shop to behave that way. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that is inviting, caring, and stress free. We want you to feel free to come by and ask question without the feeling that you are being sold on repairs and services that are not necessary. Have the confidence that your car is in good hands and the repairs will meet or exceed your expectations.”